•        Remove fallen leaves from bed & lawn with shredder-vac.(Nov-Dec)(estimate not available)
•        Yearly spring mulching; cover bed areas with 1” of mulch. (Feb-Apr)(estimate may be available)
mulch = ___CY x _____per CY=_____, labor=______, delivery=_____, TOTAL = _________
•        Irrigation spring startup/winterization service for our systems. (Apr&Nov)(estimate not available)
We specialize in offering knowledgeable landscape and garden maintenance services to homeowners
and small commercial buildings!  We provide custom service for many different landscape situations.
Many of our customers already have a beautiful, well-maintained landscape and need an expert
horticulturist to provide on-going maintenance and monitoring for problems.  Some of our new
customers have an overgrown landscape in desperate need of a complete clean-up and pruning.
Others wish their yard looked nice but don’t know what to do or where to start.  We also provide
service to those who just need seasonal help.

Your landscape is a valuable part of your home investment.  Did you know that an attractive, well-
designed and maintained landscape raises the value of your property by 10 to 15%? Let our
professionals with a degree in landscape architecture and horticulture with over 15 years of
experience take care of these needs for you!  We take pride in operating a small, locally owned
business.  Offering the best customer service and personal care is our top priority!   We work with
your needs and your budget; we visit once a month or once per season.  Our low overhead operating
cost allows us to give you a very competitive hourly rate.  For each job site we visit, we determine what
tasks need to be done, and knock them out efficiently.  See our complete list of maintenance tasks we
offer on the back on this sheet!

Unfortunately, we cannot give estimates due to variability of each property, time of year, and how
much of the work you do ahead of us. We can, however, usually give estimates for spring mulching. In
order to cover lost mobilization time and fuel expenses, our minimum charge for visiting your property
is $100.   Our hourly rate in 2010 is $40(with contract) and $50(without contract) per hour. (this rate is
subject to yearly increases) We offer an “automatic” service and will show up with out you having to
call us.  Due to weather conditions and not knowing how long each job will take, we cannot schedule a
maintenance visit in advance by calling you with a day or time. The following products may also be
used when needed at your property; Time release fertilizer, Preen pre-emergent, Round-up weed
killer, Over-the-top grass killer, bagged mulch, bagged soil.  These items will be billed at the current
retail price.  Debris haul off will be billed unless you have an on-site compost site for recycling.
•     MONTHLY.  Great for medium to large residential, most commercial, or forested landscapes
with detailed planting.  Recommended for landscapes with frequent weed problems. Great if you prefer to
not do very much of the work yourself.  Monthly visits can also keep your bills low and keep things in tip-
top shape because the work load is low each time. Weeds also find it more difficult to establish with
frequent visits.

•     EVERY 6-8 WEEKS.  Great for medium residential landscapes that have moderate to low
maintenance needs.   This is also recommended if you prefer to not do as much of the work yourself, but
you can do some weeding.

•     4X PER YEAR; QUARTERLY.  Great for medium to small residential landscapes. This
is our most popular plan.  Our landscape designs are geared towards this plan.  With this plan, you will
need to do some of the work yourself (occasional weeding, light pruning, ect)

3X PER YEAR; SPRING-SUMMER-FALL.  Great for medium to small residential
landscapes that have lower maintenance needs.  You will need to do upkeep between visits.  This is good
if you want us to do the major pruning and cutting back perennials that our power equipment is geared for.

•     ONE TIME VISIT ONLY. Select this option if you DO NOT want to be on our automatic
maintenance program but would like to hire us for optional services or special tasks. This includes fall leaf
clean-up, spring mulching, irrigation service spring clean-ups, adding plants, or any other one-time visit.  
•        Prune shrubs at appropriate times; spring flowering shrubs in late spring to early summer, summer
overgrown shrubs at any time if desired.
•        Trim dead foliage from perennials after flowering period and first hard freeze.
•        Divide and transplant perennials as needed to increase flowering and vigor.
•        Remove weed foliage and roots; hand pull large weeds with shallow root system, spray round-up, or
spray selective herbicide on deep-rooted perennial weeds.
•        Weed eat or trim groundcover areas in early spring or late summer.
•        Prune trees; remove dead branches, remove dangerous “V” crotch angled branches, water
sprouts, and “Below graft” shoots. Our pruning capabilities are limited to 8” caliper limbs, no more than
15’ off the ground, and no power line or house interference in the limb fall zone.
•        Hand water drought stressed plants if needed. Offer watering advice.
•        Correct minor erosion or drainage problems; discuss major problems with owner.
•        Make minor repairs to hardscape; fix heaved edging, reposition landscape rocks, check drainage
systems, notify client of damages to irrigation heads, ect.
•        Diagnose plant problems caused by insects, diseases, or physiological damage. Offer expert
professional advice on solving the problem. Discuss long-term solution or prognosis.
•        Identify “mystery” plants.  Offer specific horticultural advice for each plant if desired.
•        Diagnose problems in lawn areas; help with disease, insect or weed problems.
•        Redefine bed edges.  Transplant and water sod in bare areas if needed.
•        Remove fallen twigs or branches.  (During scheduled maintenance time only)
•        Replace warranty plant material.  (During scheduled maintenance time only)
•        Plant seasonal color (annuals), spring flowering bulbs, or grass seed (by request only)
•        Replace out-of-warranty plant material.  (by request only) (estimate may be available)             
•        Apply Preen (pre-emergent herbicide) to landscape areas prone to annual weed infestations.
•        Apply small amounts of bagged mulch, compost or topsoil to landscape areas.
•        Apply 14-14-14 time-release fertilizer (3 month) to landscape areas or select plants.
•        Apply any other specialized fertilizers and or products to correct plant problems & kill pests.
•        Spray weeds with Quick –pro (Round-up) for fast, effective, safe elimination.
•        Winterize plant material (Apply mound of mulch around sensitive plants, spray wilt-pruf)
•        If you can recycle, we will move organic debris to an on site compost pile. If not, we will haul it
off. (A dump charge is applied to each bag, pick-up load, or trailer load plus hourly rate)
•        Note: lawn mowing or chemical application is not a part of our specialized landscape
maintenance program.  We can recommend a lawn maintenance company if you like.
Our tasks include: Pruning, Weed Control, Divide Perennials, Tree Pruning, Spraying, Weeding, Replacing Plants, Applying Fertilizer, Winterize Plants, Remove Branches, Prune Trees, Remove Leaves, Mulch Flowerbeds, Diagnose Plant Diseases and Insects. We are located in Lawrence, KS
Our tasks include: Pruning, Weed Control, Divide Perennials, Tree Pruning, Spraying, Weeding, Replacing Plants, Applying Fertilizer, Winterize Plants, Remove Branches, Prune Trees, Remove Leaves, Mulch Flowerbeds, Diagnose Plant Diseases and Insects. We are located in Lawrence, KS