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Irrigation systems can be a wonderful time-saving addition to your home or it can be a
nightmare of callbacks and problem troubleshooting.  Our company is different from most other
on quality and take short cuts that you will never notice until parts of the system break a year
after the warantee has expired.  So remember the old rules when dealing with contractors; you
examples that set us apart from the competition:examples that set us apart from the competition:
Installing an irrigation will add value and beauty to your home while freeing up more of
your time and giving you control over the watering.  You will also save money on your
water bill and be friendly to our environment by watering at early morning hours when wind
is calm and evaporation is low.  Our irrigation systems are designed to water just the right
amount to receive perfect coverage and little runoff.
1. Shallow lateral lines; susceptible digging damage and freeze
2. Poly-pipe; more leaks, kinks and cuts from digging possible
3. Undersized pipe; causes low water volume and poor pressure
4. Off-brand parts; more frequent breakdowns and maintenance
5. Small 6” valve boxes; thick lawn hides access, repairs difficult
6. No master valve; mainline always pressurized, expensive leaks
7. Poor watering coverage and dry spots; plants die, more callbacks
8. Improper tilled trench fill; settling occurs; more callbacks
9. More general callbacks and hassles dealing with problems
10. Lack of scaled as-built drawing or design; susceptible to future
digging damage, difficult and expensive to troubleshoot or modify
1. Deep lateral lines; 6-8” depth; resistant to damage & freeze
2. PVC glued pipe; resistant to leaks and damage from digging
3. Adequate pipe; 1.5” main, 1” laterals; allows good volume
4. Rain Bird “1806” and “5004 plus” heads; best quality on market
5. Larger 10” valve boxes; easy to find and repair valves if needed
6. Master valve; this only pressurizes mainline during watering
7. Head to head coverage; no brown, dry lawn patches, no wet areas
8. Mini-tilled and compacted trench fill; avoids trench settling & holes
9. We install bullet-proof, durable systems; no call-backs, no problems
10. We provide a scaled, computerized as-built drawing; lines can be located
in future to avoid damage, troubleshooting is less costly.
Ways our competitors low-ball a price:
Ways we build it to last:
Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a wet basement. It can damage walls and flooring
and ruin irreplaceable things like photo albums and family heirlooms. But knowing the causes of
wet basements and how to prevent water damage can help avoid this frustration.
When it rains, are you left with standing water around your flower beds, lawn, walkways, patios, driveway,
or near your home’s foundation?  This is one of those "if you don't fix it, it will cost alot more later"
problems that will only get worse. Heavy rains can quickly identify these problem areas around your home.
Our team of professionals at Low Maintenance Landscape can design and install the appropriate
drainage solutions to fix the problem.  Call us today for a consultation and estimate on your property’s
drainage needs.
Rain gardens offer a way for homeowners to protect our environment and prevent flooding. What is
a rain garden?  A rain garden is a shallow depression that is planted with native wetland or wet
prairie wildflowers and grasses.  Rain gardens are strategically located to capture runoff from
impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, parking lots, and roads.  These landscaping
features help create beautiful green spaces while absorbing water, reducing runoff, protecting
water quality and preventing flooding.  If everyone captured their runoff, there would be much less
flooding problems.
How does a rain garden work?  Rain gardens improve water quality
by reducing and filtering runoff.  The most polluted runoff occurs in
the beginning of a rain shower as water rushes over hard
surfaces.  by plant roots or treated through chemical processes in
the soil.

Rain Garden FAQ's

Q. Will a rain garden provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes?
A. No. A properly designed rain garden will drain before
mosquitoes can reproduce. It takes 10-14 days for a mosquito to
develop from an egg into an adult. The rain gutters on your home
are more likely to provide a better breeding ground than a rain

Q. Do all rain gardens have a wild and messy appearance?
A. No. Rain gardens do have a natural rather than a manicured
appearance, but they need not look messy. You can keep a rain
garden looking neat and attractive by keeping the edges well
defined. Taller plants often have a more unkempt appearance; so
use shorter plants if you want your garden to have a cleaner look.

Q. Would a rain garden cause flooding in my basement?
A. Not if they are properly located and designed. Rain gardens
should be located at least 10 feet away from buildings so that
water does not drain along foundations. Also, your rain garden
should drain away from rather than toward buildings.

Q. Would I need to water my rain garden during dry periods?
A. Maybe. How much water your rain garden needs will depend on
the plants you choose. Native plants are adapted to a wide range
of conditions, so they will only need watering in the driest seasons.
Landscape lighting is far more than just putting in a few lights. Our professional landscape lighting
can add an entire new dimension of beauty to your property that you may have never considered.  
Many of us work during the day and only have time to enjoy the landscape during evening hours.  In
addition to beautiful up-lit trees and walls, landscape lighting will make your property more safe and
secure from intruders.

• Beauty - Landscape lighting reveals beauty already there and it creates new beauty with
compelling patterns of shadow and light.

• Safety and Security - Landscape lighting replaces glaring security lights with glare-free
illumination. Lights are positioned to direct low levels of soft lighting in all critical regions to assure
safe passage throughout your property and to protect your home from intruders.

• Romance - We will position lights around decks, patios and pool areas to provide just the right
amount of soft and romantic illumination.

• Energy Savings - Low voltage lighting consumes 1/3 the energy of 120-volt lighting. We will also
give you control over when the lights turn on and off.
Now what about the cost?  By maintaining a low overhead operating cost, we are able to design and
install high quality work at prices that are competitive.  Most professional landscape lighting will start
between $2000 and $3000. The exact cost can be determined with a design.  We would love to show
you our portfolio of beautiful lighting projects we have designed and installed for clients in the
surrounding area.  We employ knowledgeable staff and a professional with a 5-year Degree in
Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and over 15 years experience!

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CAST solid bronze fixtures are virtually
indestructible; dump-truck, mower and
weed-eater proof. We guarantee it!
We construct any of the following in Lawrence, KS: Irrigation System, RAINBIRD sprinklers, Sprinkler system, Drainage system, Rain Garden, French Drains, Downspout Extensions, Dry Streams, Dry Riverbeds and Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting System by CAST Lighting.
We construct any of the following in Lawrence, KS: Irrigation System, RAINBIRD sprinklers, Sprinkler system, Drainage system, Rain Garden, French Drains, Downspout Extensions, Dry Streams, Dry Riverbeds and Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting System by CAST Lighting.