We offer the following specialty Landscape Services in Lawrence, KS: Fall Leaf Removal, Spring Mulching Services, Water Gardens and Waterfalls, Irrigation Repair and Winterization, Buffalo Grass Installation, Bamboo Plant Installation & Control, Tree Service and Tree Pruning.
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At Low Maintenance Landscape, Inc., we work hard to meet the needs of our
customers. In order to serve you better and be a full service landscape company, we
can complete a variety of tasks. If you need help in one these areas, please call us.  
We provide leaf removal services in late fall and winter. It is
important to remove leaves from planting beds and lawns
because a layer of leaves will kill certain groundcovers and
lawns during the winter. In addition, by removing those
unsightly, dead leaves, you will be able to better enjoy your
landscape during the winter months.

In addition to cleaning up leaves, we remove other debris
such as sticks, dead plants and trash. We have efficient
machines and techniques that can do the work much faster
than most homeowners with the brown paper sacks that rip
and are hard to fill. After hauling them off, we recycle by
composting all leaves to keep them out of the landfills.
We provide mulching services in winter and early spring
before most plants have started growing. The proper
mulching of your landscape beds will not only give your
property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, but it will also
drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding,
watering and fighting pests. Mulching also helps with
erosion control and it keeps dirt from splashing up on your
flowers, home, and hardscape features when it rains. We
can usually calculate the amount of mulch your landscape
needs and can give you a quote to do the work.

In most cases we recommend eastern red cedar for the
following reasons: it is wind and erosion resistant, it is an
attractive natural color, it has no fake dyes or chemicals, it
has a pleasant aroma, it has natural insect deterrents, and
a very long life, it is locally available, and is good for the
environment to remove cedar weed trees from farmland.
Constructing a good quality water garden is one of the
most difficult niches in the field of landscape architecture.  
It is easy for a lower quality contractor to slap together a
water garden that will last a few years, but that's not us. In
our decade of experience, we know all the tricks of
mastering water.  Our water gardens are carefully planned
not to fail.  We are always on the look out weaknesses;
water will always try to find a way out as gravity constantly
works against us.  

Our water gardens will contain many extra features that
inexperienced competitors will simply forget or omit. For
example, all inside surfaces are lined with stone; this
prevents accidental liner puncture when a neighbors dog
jumps in.  It is also important to keep a floating pond heater
to prevent rock shifting in winter.  Call us today and see
our pictures.
Do you have an irrigation system in need of repair?  Is it
watering the street or spraying the house?  A properly
working system will save you a lot on your water bill, but one
break can use a few hundred dollars of water in under a
month. Head adjustments alone will pay for themselves in
saved water. Let our irrigation techs get your irrigation
system back in shape. We specialize in the maintenance and
repair of Rainbird systems but can repair all types of
irrigation systems so please give us a call today.

As winter approaches it is important to take care to prepare
your irrigation system for the coming of cold weather. Call
Low Maintenance Landscape today to schedule your system
to be winterized.  We use compressed air to remove all water
from your irrigation system. If this is not done, approximately
1 out of 5 years we will have a ground freeze deep enough to
destroy the system beyond repair.  Is it worth the risk?
Tired of mowing and maintaining that water thirsty lawn?  In our
quest to be environmentally friendly and save water, we promote
Legacy Buffalograss Lawns. Buffalograss has survived for millions
of years, through droughts, floods and insect invasions. It is the
only turfgrass that is native to the United States. Buffalograss has
a very low water requirement and a deep root system that allows it
to draw water from a large area. Buffalograss thrives on only 1/4
inch of water per week to stay green. Water savings with
buffalograss is astounding. Over one million gallons of water can
be saved on every turf acre every year by replacing a high water-
use turfgrass, like bluegrass, with buffalograss.  

We feel the conservation of water is a must for all of us, but we
must also reduce our dependency on excess chemicals and the
need for the weekly ritual of mowing. Lawnmowers are one of the
worst sources of air pollution we breath. Legacy buffalograss can
be mowed only once every 2 to 3 weeks. Since this variety has
such a short maximum height, many people choose to leave their
lawns un-mowed at 4-6”. See our Buffalo grass information sheet.
Lets face it; your scared of bamboo, right? You have reason to
be because it can take over you yard. Many homeowners and
inexperienced landscapers has improperly planted bamboo and
the only companies with the knowledge and experience of how
to contain bamboo in the landscape and utilize all of its
wonderful assets.

This picture shows how you can use a large evergreen bamboo
screen to completely hide the view of a nosey neighbors house.
This is also great for blocking traffic noise and wind from a busy
street. This grove is contained with an underground rhizome
barrier and only checked yearly. Bamboo is often used to
create evergreen privacy wall because there is no other plant
that can match the density of bamboo. We often recommend
bamboo for dry shade areas under large trees where no other
evergreen will grow. Bamboo is also used in open lawns where it
can be controlled by a monthly mowing around the perimeter.
See our Evergreen bamboo information sheet and pictures.
Trees are the most valuable part of your landscape. Good
quality shade trees can add 10 to 20% to your property value!
We offer our skilled arborist services to our customers. It
really takes skill and education to know about tree care. We
can identify every species in the area and make proper
pruning or removal recommendations. We see lots of
improper cuts and poor pruning choices that adversely affect
the health and appearance of the tree. A poor cut leaving a
stub can lead to heart rot. Failure to undercut first can peel
off a strip of bark when the branch falls.

In order to keep our insurance rates low and your price well
below industry average, we specialize in anything under 20
feet. We can do any lower risk pruning at our lower rate and
then recommend a specialist tree service for the high risk
taller trees that require climbing or a lift truck. Their rates will
range from $75-$200 per hour. If all you need is lower branch
pruning, we can save you alot of money with our lower rate of
$60 per hour!
landscapers in Kansas.  We recieve barely enough rainfall to
support tree and forest growth but not enough to grow a lawn
under trees.  Mowing and maintaining that water thirsty lawn
under your large shade trees is expensive and time
consuming!  In the long run, you are fighting a loosing battle
in which the tree roots will out-compete lawn for water and
nutrients.  A groundcover area is simply a mass planting of
one type of plant. This serves the same purpose of lawn
grass; to fill large areas of landscape space. In general,
groundcovers are much more tolerant of a wide range of soil
types than lawn.  By looking at your soil type, We can
recommend the perfect groundcover, even for that  “nothing
will grow there” soil. If you are having problems with barren
areas in your lawn, you should consider groundcovers.  We
can make it look lush and green without any added water.