•        SMART DESIGN: Our designs are partially based on the maintenance level
you are comfortable with.  We are concerned about the long-term success of your
landscape.  We take into consideration all micro-climate (sun, wind, soil, water)
factors, and aesthetic (color, texture, form, contrast) factors.

•        DESIGNING WITHIN A PROPOSED BUDGET: A common problem in the
landscape industry is the failure of the designer to meet the customers long term
needs.  The finished design is often too expensive to install or too intensive to
maintain.  We work from the beginning to avoid this!

•        DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE:  This allows us to get all of the pertinent
information about your needs and desires in landscape.  We have found that a 10-
minute questionnaire is a valuable part of our design process.  We are one of the
few companies that offer this service. Preview Design Questionnaire

•        CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: Our conceptual designs give you an idea of what the
final plan will look like.  This is a good time to make changes or revisions.  

•        PLANT PREVIEW: We show our clients a picture of every plant we specify in
our designs.  This gives you an idea of what the plant will look like in your landscape.

•        COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN: With our state of the art CAD software, we
produce professional quality designs.  An important advantage to computer-aided
design is the ability to make changes and revisions at a later time. Computers also
allow us to keep costs down and save you money!

•        SPECIAL GARDENS: We can design a special garden or entire landscape
based on a theme.  Japanese gardens, water gardens, rock gardens, cut flower
gardens, butterfly & wildlife gardens, ect.

•        BEAUTIFUL RENDERING: All of our designs can be vividly colored.  As you
can see in our brochure, a rendered plan really brings out the design elements and
allows the client to see color and special relationships more clearly.  An artistic, full
color, rendered plan can be produced for an extra fifty to one hundred dollars
depending on the project.

•        PERSPECTIVE DRAWINGS: We offer realistic perspective drawings that show
how your landscape will look when it matures.  Please inquire about the extra costs
for this service.

•        DESIGN FEES: Our design fees range from one hundred to one thousand
dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  Up to 100% is returned
after installation.