Many of the plants we use are grown from
plugs in our nursery.  Instead of having to buy plant material from a wholesaler we
can offer our plants to you directly at a lower cost you will find at most garden
centers!  This applies to most of our perennials, groundcovers, and ornamental
grasses and shrubs.

•        LOW OVERHEAD COST: We do not have a large commercial office,
unnecessary equipment, or anything considered luxury.  We maintain a low overhead
operating cost and are therefore able to design and install your landscape for less
than you think!  Our prices are considered average for industry standard and
competitive.  We stand by our high quality work for a fair price.  We will not give you a
low price and cut corners just to get the job.

•        EFFICIENT DESIGN: With the use of our state of the art computer aided design
software, we are able to produce quality, detailed designs in a fraction of the time. We
also request that you complete a design survey to help us produce a perfect design.  
By completing a questionnaire, we have much fewer revisions and mistakes than our
competitors.  The savings are passed on to our customers.

•        A CLEAR CONTRACT: The signed contract guarantees that you will be on our
work schedule and that work will be completed. This contract also guarantees the
specified work will cost no more than the total indicated. If you want to add additional
plants, bed areas, or labor, I will give you an estimate for additional work.

•        TIMELY PROGRESS: Once your project is started, we devote our full attention
to you; we do not hop from job to job.  We will continue working on your project every
day that weather permits.  This greatly minimizes the time you are inconvenienced by
our work in progress.

•        PROPER SOIL PREPARATION AND MULCHING: Your landscape planting
areas will be rototilled and properly prepared with organic compost and dark black
topsoil to ensure long term plant survival.  We use Eastern Red Cedar Mulch for most
landscape plantings for many reasons;  It reduces soil water loss, insulates the root
system against heat and cold, suppresses weed growth, repels insects, breaks down
into plant nutrients and is derived from a local source.

•        LOW MAINTENANCE PLANTS:  You may choose plants based on similar
maintenance needs. A common misconception is that “low maintenance” means
“desert-southwest” or “less attractive”. This is not true!  Many of our most attractive
landscape plants are considered low maintenance.  It takes a professional with a
horticultural knowledge to design your garden in this manor.  The use of low
maintenance plant materials can save you tremendous amounts of money over the
years.  These savings include reduced water bills, infrequent pruning, and savings on
chemical products you will not need to combat insect or disease problems.  Our
planting designs are attractive all four seasons!

•        LOW WATER-USAGE PLANTS: We can design a landscape that needs no
extra water!  Plants with thick leaves and deep roots will offer the same ornamental
qualities as high water usage plants. Save water and money at the same time.

•        GROUNDCOVERS INSTEAD OF LAWN: Convert some of your water thirsty
lawn area into mass plantings of groundcovers.  Groundcovers use as little as 1/4 the
amount of water as a lawn area.  The amount of on-going maintenance is dramatically
less for a groundcover compared to a lawn.  Many of our groundcover plants are
quite inexpensive when used in large quanities, some as little as $1 per plant.  The
savings in water bills and maintenance costs are phenomenal and pay for the initial
installation costs usually within 2 years.  In addition to these benefits, groundcovers
offer many ornamental features such as seasonal flowers, evergreen foliage, and an
interesting alternative to monotonous lawn areas.

•        MINIMAL PLANT REPLACEMENT RATE: We offer the same 1-year warranty
as our competitors do.  However, we experience a much lower plant mortality rate
(typically 3-5%) than our competitors (10-20%).  We do it by designing smart and
using top quality plants to begin with.  We take into account the many microclimates
around your home including sun exposure, wind, soil type, drainage, soil pH, existing
plants and many other factors.  High plant mortality rates cause our competitors to
have higher overhead costs.

•        MAINTENANCE PLANS: Sign up for one of our continuing maintenance plans.  
By keeping landscape well maintained as it grows, the value of your property goes up
dramatically.  See our information sheet describing our landscape maintenance
services.  We offer the best landscape maintenance your money can buy.

•        HELP AFTER THE JOB IS DONE: We are always available to answer questions
or offer help to our customers even years later.  Sometimes its just a quick question
about a plant, other times its "how often do I water".  We have made a special
"watering instructions" information sheet that is very helpful to our customers.  Look
on the left side of the page under "Plant Information" to view a printable copy.