While it is nice to have large shade trees in the summer, it can be very difficult to have grass or flower beds underneath due to the root competition from the trees. Now compound the problem if you have allelopathic walnut trees releasing juglone. We recieve barely enough rainfall to support tree and forest growth but not enough to grow a lawn under trees. Mowing and maintaining that water thirsty lawn under your large shade trees is expensive and time consuming! In the long run, you are fighting a loosing battle in which the tree roots will out-compete lawn for water and nutrients. Sometimes the area is so root-bound, you cant even sink a shovel in the ground! Typical shade plants like azaleas nad hostas won’t make it here. Our designers will quickly point out these conditions and recommend dry-shade/walnut tolerant plantings or groundcovers.

A groundcover area is simply a mass planting of one type of plant. This serves the same purpose of lawn grass; to fill large areas of landscape space. In general, groundcovers are much more tolerant of a wide range of soil types than lawn. By looking at your soil type, We can recommend the perfect groundcover, even for that ìnothing will grow thereî soil. We can make it look lush and green without any added water.