We grow thousands of locally grown perennials, shrubs, trees, bamboos, hardy tropicals, grasses, edible plants, xeriscape plants, native plants, dry-shade plants and unusual/rare plants. We grow many ìhard to findî plants you wonít find at the garden centers or box stores. We do not really have an availability list but most items on our list are available most of the time; you may email to check on the availability of a particular plant. Most of our plants are organically grown and pesticides are not needed or used at all. Our plants are grown in a natural topsoil mix to promote faster establishment when planted in your landscape.

SIZES AND PRICES ($100 minimum purchase):
Most 1gal and 6îpot perennials $12-15
Most flats of 10 – 4î pot perennials $25-30
Most 1gal shrubs $15-20
Most 3gal shrubs $20-35
Most 5gal trees & shrubs $20-60
Most 7 to 10gal trees $30-100

There are 2 ways to buy plants from us.
Option #1: Call ahead with your plant request. If you know what you need, you may call or email us with your plant request. We will then pull the plants and either deliver or have ready for you to pick up.

Option #2: Scheduling a nursery consultation. If you are not sure what you need and want to meet with a plant expert look at different plants and options, you may schedule a free nursery consultation with $100 minimum purchase. We operate a private family-owned backyard nursery not open to the public except by appointment only so you must call or email ahead.